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Broadstone's War Memorials

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Reader's Comments

Here are extracts from e-mails received by author Jill Floyd

from users of the Broadstone War Memorials website since
it first came on-line on 01 Mar 2014. Latest entry at the top.
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Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to write and tell me they liked this website. Its my hobby, its free, and a bit of praise from my readers keeps me going! -- Author

Readers Comments

    1. Wow - another Broadstonian celebrity! Well done, Jill.
    2. Having read your recent articles in the Broadstone Mag re WWI. then prompted by the article in yesterdays Daily Echo I visited the eyemead.com website & noted you had no information on my Uncle (my mothers youngest brother) so I hope this email & attachements will provide the missing information for your research.
    3. Just read your article in the Bournemouth Echo and followed it up online. What you have done is fantastic and a fitting tribute to those who lost there lives. I was particularly interested to note that one or two were listed in a census as caddies/labourers and a professional golfer at the golf course. I would presume this to be Broadstone golf course of which I am a member. All very interesting and well done.
    4. I am the granddaughter of JRA mentioned on your website. I would just like to thank you for caring enough to research the information about the all the local fallen soldiers of world war 1 and world war 2. The information that you have uncovered has helped us to fill in some of the blanks in our own research into our family history. We did not realise he had two brothers who died so early on in the war, and we always wondered whereabouts he died. Thank you again
    5. A great piece well done
    6. It's the detail of each of the names on the memorials that strengthens the poignancy of remembrance
    7. Congratulations Jill Floyd for all your hard work credit where credit is due.
    8. Congratulations Jill. That must have been a lot of hard work but very worthwhile.
    9. Oh my gosh, that's brilliant!!
    10. This is SO interesting! Well done on completing what must have been a fascinating project.
    11. What a superb result on the War Memorial website! I shall be downloading it onto our hard-drive for future reference.
    12. Well done on your project. I am sure that you have made a lot of people happy with the Website and the information.
    13. We're both ever so impressed - it's clear that you've put in a heck of a lot of work, and the results are very impressive.
    14. That's awesome! Very cool!
    15. You have done extremely well in providing this for every one. I hope it is appreciated by all that knew someone.
    16. Brilliant work Jill, you should be proud of yourself.
    17. I am very proud to say that I am a Friend of Jill, who painstakingly researched this book. It was her idea and she followed it through. As you read about each Boy, he comes alive.....he was young, had a Family, had a job......The Boys are no longer just names inscribed on a piece of stone. Now its on-line - a very good site. Thank you to Mr EyeMead.
    18. Jill, This is a very good site, isn't it. Very professional and easy to read. I'm going to read it in its entirety - it's much too good to skip through. I am bursting with pride.....I know you!!! You've made the boys into real, young people. The trouble is, that as I was reading, the screen kept going misty - I think a lot of people will have this problem….
    19. That is a real labour of love. Incredible. We do congratulate you both.
    20. What an interesting and attractive website! I am very impressed by the amount of work that has gone into this. Only when you've experienced delving into history, do you understand the effort it takes. Well done,
    21. Great website with some lovely pictures. Lets hope the schools use it to educate on the real costs of war.
    22. There's been a lot of work getting this online! Well done to you and to John. I'll mention this on Twitter and the BRA site as it needs to be publicised as much as possible.
    23. Congratulations on your labour of love - it's really great.
    24. Website looks great what a lot of work you've done. You must be thrilled.
    25. I knew that you were doing loads of research on the fallen of Broadstone, but hadn't realised that it amounted to a book! But then thinking about it, why wouldn't it be published? (I am fairly stupid on occasions as well you know!)
    26. Have spent some time scrolling through the weblink and can see just how much heart and soul you've put into this. It's so you Jill. And I'm extremely proud to count myself as a friend of someone who has achieved all this, and probably really enjoyed digging around for all the information. I am sure that families of those that are mentioned are proud too, that someone has gone to all this trouble. An immensely proud friend.
    27. To My Most Web-Published Aunt, Congratulations. A very good appendix to the Memorials. I hope it will help a lot of distant families find information about lost ancestors.
    28. Well done..... It's now where it deserves to be. Seen by everyone.
    29. This is absolutely amazing. You justly feel proud - all your hard work Jill has paid off and is simply wonderful to see and to have recorded. Well Done. I shall keep and digest this website when I have more time. Such a fantastic record for Broadstone to have.

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