Updated 7 Jun 2009

Planting a new oakwood in Dorset

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Photo 067


Inverted tree stump, June 2009

While deepening a silted ditch, an inverted tree stump was uncovered. The ditch was once an arm of the River Stour 1 mile West of Wimborne Minster, Dorset, known as the "Old Mill Stream" supplying a mill with waterwheel, now vanished. The stump was sawn flat, and the flat rested on the original gravel bottom of the stream. Dimensions are: Girth 68 cms, overall length 106 cms. The wood was very heavy, black with age, and neatly sawn about 60 cms above the roots. The post hole is next to a large piece of sandstone, not yet recovered. The gravel bottom is 170 cms below the present grass surface.

67b. Trunk and roots, length 106 cms.
(it was the other way up in the stream!)
67d. Post hole filled with pebbles and a scale running
from 0-160 cms to record water level above ditch bottom.

67a. Post hole next to two large Sandstone blocks. The layers are: grass and soil, artificial fill of gravel, clay and lastly the gravel bottom of the original stream.
67c. Excavated ditch, now 170 cms deep, 10 metres South of the river. This part of the ditch had been artificially filled, cutting off water to 2km of mill stream.

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