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Planting a new oakwood in Dorset

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Photo 064


Fishing, June 2008

Few Salisbury and District Angling Club (S.A.D.A.C) members seem to come and fish at Bear Mead. A pity, because some real whoppers get hooked when they do. Its very quiet and beautiful even if you catch nothing.

64a. Steve Trevett, a Salisbury river keeper from S.A.D.A.C., came fishing at Bear Mead. No luck at first..., then he phoned me, "Are you coming down, can you take a picture?"
64b. He'd caught a perch, 3 lbs 8½ oz, believed to be a club record. A real beauty, with pink fins.

27 Feb 2005 A 5 lb 2 oz chub caught by Simon Cooper from Devon
A giant chub caught by Paul Forshaw from Devon. (Paul, email me the weight please.)

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