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Planting a new oakwood in Dorset

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Photo 060


Tidying the Old Mill Stream, Oct 2007

During good late summer weather, an opportunity was taken to tidy
the Mill Stream area before the cold and wet season begins.
see also: TIDAL TRENCH to control flooding. Unblocking,
Tidying, Theory & early results and Results during flooding

60a. Raking the spoil heap to make it lower and less ragged. We may seed it with grass and wildflower mixture later.

60b. Wood piles from dead trees removed from the edge of the Mill stream.

60c. Signpost at the NE entry to the reserve, with cairn built from flint, ironstone and Purbeck stone found in the new ditch.

60d. Mill Stream rather low after dry spell.

60f. Three-plank bridge across new ditch for pedestrian access. Nine coir mats for safety in icy conditions.

60g. Cross-section of sides of new ditch, showing cracked clay (original bottom of mill stream), above which is the infill of grit and flints which blocked the flow at an unknown date.

60h. Pipe in concrete bridge connecting Eye Mead and Bear Mead. The bottom of the pipe sets the level at which water can flow between the River Stour and the Old Mill Stream, and is 248 on the River scale.

60i. Scale in Mill Stream to monitor water level.

60j. Gate in Mill Stream fence to allow access to digger for future excavations.

60k. The new ditch between the two bridges.

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