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Planting a new oakwood in Dorset

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Photo 059


Unblocking the Old Mill Stream, Sep 2007

    After 4 years of planning, the Old Mill Stream around Eye Mead was finally re-connected with the River STOUR. In Roman times the Mill Stream was the main arm of the Stour which passed the Roman Vexillation fortress at Lake Farm, Corfe Mullen. Blocked by man at the upstream end over a century ago, the two mile stream was turning into a dry ditch. Fifty yards of new channel was cut through the old infill, and 100 yards of silted ditch was deepened and widened. This would have been much more difficult and expensive without 30 days of drought. The bill was paid by a Building Society take-over. Thanks to Simon Oaks of SJ Plant Hire for his cheerful skill, and bravery when nearly swallowed by centuries of mud.
    see also: TIDAL TRENCH to control flooding. Unblocking, Tidying, Theory & early results and Results during flooding

59a. Cutting the grass on 10 Sep. The second cut (the aftermath) produced 23
bales from 20 acres. The river was very high for late summer, haste was essential.

59b. The 3 ton digger arrives on 18 Sep, a tight fit in the access track. (See Case
). It was brand new, this was its first job, Simon Oaks at the controls.

59c. Started digging the trench at the river end, big flints, sandstone, grit and soil
, perhaps filled-in a century ago?

59d. The long spoil heap at the bridge end, mostly mud and soil. Here the Mill
stream has silted up naturally, (See 62q, 6 months later.)

59e. Digging from the bridge, Simon Oaks at the controls. A large concrete pipe
under the bridge defines the working level of the Mill Stream.

59f. A dangerous position. I wanted the trench dug deeper, requiring the digger
tracks across the trench by the gate.

59g. Filling the 1-ton dumper with stony spoil. Five digger buckets filled the
dumper, then 17 dumper trips were needed.

59h. Dumping the stony spoil into the "Cumberland Gap", the muddiest gate on
the Reserve between two fields. It took 17 loads.

Contractor used

    SJ Plant Hire Ltd,
    Plant & Machinery Hire & Leasing
    Director: Simon John Oak
    Transport manager: John Oak
    34 Hunt Road
    Dorset BH15 3QD
    Tel: 01202-686655
    Operating centre: 36, Hunt Road

Equipment used

    CASE CX27B ZTS excavator
    Case is renowned for well-built construction kit, and their mini excavators are no exception to this rule. Developed in conjunction with Sumitomo, the Case CE range in the sub 3 tonne sector covers five models from 1,645kg (CX16B) up to the CX27B weighing in at 2,760kg. The two smaller models (CX16B/CX18B) feature reduced tail swing benefits for confined spaces and both are a minimum of 990mm wide for access to restricted areas. The CX18B, however, features hydraulically adjustable carriage width up to 1300mm for superior stability. Both machines offer excellent access to the engine and daily checks with a rear opening door, side panels and flap under the operatorís seat. The larger CX20B, CX22B and CX27B feature that must-have trend in excavators these days - Zero Tail Swing - and hence gain a ZTS to their model designation. A maximum width of 1500mm (CX27B ZTS) means that these machines are compact to say the least. Again, wide engines that feature across the whole range. The larger models offer twin variable axial pump plus gear type extra, whereas the smaller models feature just twin variable variants. All have optional single or double acting boom services available upon purchase. The operator has a choice of cab or canopy, except for the CX20ZTS (canopy only) and CX22ZTS (cab only). Steel tracks are optional on the larger three models. Case CEís UK headquarters is based in Doncaster, and offers parts and service back up from a network that encompasses some 14 dealers across the UK and Ireland. They are part of CNH UK Ltd. so benefit from a massive central parts distribution network.

    Tel 01302 802126 or visit www.casece.com

    Excavators - Mini
    Case offers 9 mini-excavators from 1.5 to 5 tons, including 7 short radius models . Highly valued by construction contractors, demolition contractors, landscapers, plant hire companies and many other users, their compact dimensions and ease of transportation give them access to even the most confined job sites. Case mini-excavators are packed with features that give them the operating smoothness and precision equal to that found on larger excavator models, and with a wide range of attachments they can tackle almost any job.

    Select a model:
    Model/ Engine/ Max Bucket Size/ Operating Wt
    CX16B 15 hp 44 L 1645 kg
    CX18B 15 hp 44 L 1720 kg
    CX20B 23 hp 88 L 2230 kg
    CX22B 23 hp 88 L 2550 kg
    CX27B 23 hp 88 L 2760 kg

    CX31B 30 hp 120 L 3250 kg
    CX36B 30 hp 120 L 3840 kg
    CX40B 43 hp 180 L 4440 kg
    CX50B 43 hp 180 L 4870 kg

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